About Us

Tekneek Colour Cards is a family run business, and this family has a printing industry history that goes back to the late 1930’s.

Father Harry was a letterpress printer who changed over to the gravure process in the 1960’s, he later managed a couple of country newspapers in the 70’s before retirement in the 80’s.

His sons Alan and Ian also have been lifelong printing people, Alan as a compositer, later typesetting and graphic design and Ian as a offset printer and since 1991 also in graphic design.

Ian and Alan partnered One Stop Printing from 1991 – 1999 before both going back to working in the trade from 1999 – 2009.

Starting out as a part time concern in 2009 Tekneek Colour Cards is a growing thriving small printing business with only one thing in mind, making sure you the customer get exactly what you want first time, every time. Ian’s daughter Tahlee also now has an active involvement mainly with packing and some print finishing, that’s three generations of printing industry people.

One thing is a certainty Tekneek Colour Cards knows the printing trade and knows what you the customer demands.

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